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Clarify These Two Gripboard Terms


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My thinking (and please I'm asking for a clarification on this, so no bashing)... what's the difference between a "timed hold" and a "negative" when it applies to the grippers??

My definition: a timed hold is performed with a gripper you can close using just your hand strength.

A negative is performed with a gripper you CAN'T close - so then you would have to cheat it shut.

Comments? Again, this would apply to using the grippers to grip train.

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I would define a timed hold as exactly that, the timing of a fully shut, or even a shut-to-a-distance hold.

A negative would be the negative part of the exercise, as in the opening (albeit hopefully slowly) of the gripper. Like the lowering of the bar in a bench press, not the pressing.


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Hey Snott, how come you are not on the gripboard's top posting list? You have over 2440. What gives? No PM privileges? I tried to send you a PM...

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I like Snott's definitions.

However, even though I've found negatives with grippers very helpful; I think doing negatives with a grip machine even better.

If you are at all confused by my statment read Gorilla Hand's article on negatives in the FAQ section. When it comes to negatives that's the best source I've found.


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Well, no I'm not writing an article... actually I'm helping someone and they asked me what's the difference between the two terms; they then asked me, "Couldn't I do both with the same gripper?". Hence... I wanted to ask all my Gripboard friends and see what they think. Like I said, this would apply only to using the grippers themselves.

Thanks guys for all the positive responses. ;):)

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