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Any Correllation Between Other Pinching

Bob Lipinski

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Just curious. I know that things will be different, I am just curious if anyone has some numbers from their training. I know that different implements will be different, so if anyone has plate pinching, new ironmind block pinching, or 1.5, 3, or 4.5 wood block pinching numbers that would be very useful.

This is mostly to give me a little added interest to my pinch training.

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This is how I stack up.

The Blob is no problem for me. I walked with it the first time I saw one. But, the other pinch feats have been tougher for me to grasp. (Sorry, bad pun)

For instance, I am just now getting consistent with the double 35 pinch. I can not even come close to pinching two 45 plates.

I think Rob Vigeant, Midget, two finger pinched the 45 plates in Rick's garage, but couldn't quite get the blob. At least I don't recall him doing it. Midget's hands are much smaller. In fact, I think he estimated his hands to be the smallest at the BFGS. He must have an extremely strong thumb though, because he excelled at the thick bar and other pinch feats that we tried in the garage. He also lept up to the rafters and hung there with ease.

I have heard people remark about some people being better at wide pinch feats than narrow pinch feats, and I believe I am in that category.

Also, I think it is accurate that a strong wrist will help for the pinch feats, especially the 45 plates. For example, I tend to rock the plates toward my finger side when I pinch 35's, which sort of shifts the emphasis to the wrist and open hand support of the fingers, rather than just requiring strong pinching ability with the thumb.

Going back to blobs, I think my advantage is my long thumb. It's probably like 3 inches long (I don't have a tape measure right here beside me). The extra surface friction helps out a lot.

I do not have an official pinch block, so I can not remark on it specifically, and I almost never train on the wooden one I have at my gym. Maybe that's wy my plate pinch feat strength is poor.

Good discussion topic, Bob.


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I would have to agree with Jedd, I think some people are better at narrow vs. wide pinching. I am better at narrow, which I think is due to the size of my hands (7.5 in.). When I try to pinch 45s facing each other, it just gets too wide for my hand, I am able to get 35s (on a good day). I think anything over about 3-3.5 inches wide, is more or less pushing it for me, or inviting injury. Hub gripping I dont really practice , but I seem fairly strong at, more genetics than anything. I have said this before and often wonder if anyone else has noticed this, that when pinching (no matter what type) it seems like you either get it in a couple of tries or it just wont move that day! My hands fatigue much faster pinching than say using the grippers. Anyway thats my 2 cents. < < Mike

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Jedd makes some excellent points here. His hands are large-his thumb is like a bananna. He is able to play with the Blob pretty easily. But, as he stated, he is just now getting the double 35 pinch. This is an indicator that he has a long way to go with his thumb strength.

2-35s is quite easy for me. I can also hub pinch a 45 (Smitty's and Steve's) and hub pinch my 35's which have a hub that is 6" in diameter and made by TDS. But, the Blob took some crazy training! This is an indicator that my thumbs are strong, but could be a whole lot stronger throughout!

He mentioned Rob Vigeant-he can do rafter pullups, 2-hand pinched 197.5 pounds, pinches 2-45s, hub pinches 45's, but with his small hand size, he cant move the Blob. Tou is the same-he can pinch 45s but can't (I dont think?) do the Blob.

I believe Tommy Heslep is in the same boat. He has 7.75" hands, like me. He can pinch 2-45s, 3-25s, and hub a 45 with ease-but he told me he has only lifted the Blob once or twice.

I think(?) the point is that wide pinching strength and narrow pinch strength are completely apart from one another and being a good wide pincher does not equal good narrow and vice versa.

The best case scenario is to have 8" hands or larger. This way, wide pinch will come easy to you and you will have to strengthen the narrow pinch in order to be world class. Steve McGranahan and Junior Rob Vigeant are good examples. Both can toss the Blob and 2-45s around like NOTHING and both have over 8" hands! having little hands (7") is a ceratin disadvantage as both Midget Rob and Tou have proved to have other worldy thumb strength but still can't move the Blob.

When Midget Rob hoists the Blob-that will be one of the finest grip feats EVER attained.

Rick Walker :rock

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When David Horne lifted the blob I was impressed. The fact that hands are too small to lift the blob with all 4 finger (he has to use 3 or he can’t do it) makes the feat all the more impressive.

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