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Hand Pain

Guest coolb

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I did my regular weight lifting routine, then did 2 sets on the ivanko supergripper. The next day i was writing for a little while and my hand started hurting and feeling weak. Then the next day my other hand started feeling the same way. Its like a burning/tense feeling on the back of my hand. I can still grip things good but my grip feels weak. I rested my hands for over a week but there still is pain. Does anyone know why this is or what i can do? thanks for any info

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Wells has the best advice. Don't take a chance with your health. See someone who's qualified to help you. I injured both my wrists a year ago at work lifting a heavy patient, and had to go see the MD to get it checked out. It isn't fun the pain lasted for over a month!!

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Can you do some light recovery work? (i.e., squeezing a small rubber ball, flexing, hot/cold packs, etc.)

Go see a doctor and tell them what you have told us. Good Luck. ;)

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