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Looking for some guidance into planning some bending sessions.


Ive read a few things here and got a general idea of the dos and donts. What Im not sure of us actually planning out the workouts and structuring them in such a intelligent manner to garner maximum benefit.

Id like to start by figuring out how much of the “big 3”(round, hex and square) to get. Figured 15 to 20 pieces if 1/4 should hold me over to start.

Im not going for any certs just wanna bend things. Would mixing in bolts and drill rod be ok or just work the big three till they feel like warmups? 

Whats the general recommendation on frequency? Cant imagine you structure a bending workout like a regular one. Advice here would be great.  


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On 7/26/2016 at 5:39 PM, Horrido said:

It's hard to give a routine because it's very individual from person to person.  

It depends on your other training and goals, on your skin, muscles, tendons, bones, pain tolerance and your regeneration on your hand. 

Some bend every day, some only twice a week... 

Try to find the best way for you and hear to your body signals. 


Here is a quote some years back from me.

Additional I would say to the bending workout plan that there are several options. Really important is a good general Warmup for the working parts like the complete upper body, also if the whole body is ready it´s not a bad thing. Then two or three warmup bends with something easy for you to get in the flow and then the main work can begin. If there is not a direct goal to work for (in my opinion there should be one) you can bend several bars which you can move well (don´t go too hard too often is a common and very good advice for new benders) and try to increase the volume from session to session till you feel very comfortable with these bars and then switch to a harder one for you and also start to increase volume on this thing.
Volume can be like 3-15 bars for example and its good to get in the movements, to sharpen the technique and to work on that specific bending strength.

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I had to increase the amount of rest the harder the bars got. Regardless if it's reverse och double overhand. In the beginning I could bend twice per week for reverse and 5-6 days a week with DO but once I got a bit stronger and the bars got bigger I had to take more rest to be able to recover. I now need atleast six full days of rest for revervse bending, if I do other grip during these rest days it also affects my strength negatively. But I don't really care about that since I need to do both grip and bending.

Although I've quit DO bending I think I need atleast the same amount of rest for that also.

Before DO bending I always used to do mobility work for the shoulders, chest and back, also some bench press, a few semi-heavy lifts as warmup. Some sledge levering and grippers to warmup the hands.

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