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Alex Grip Cup 2021

Alexander Andreev

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Please message me through this site if you have questions or would like to confirm your attendance:

Alex Grip Cup 2021

Name of Contest - Alex Grip Cup

Date: January 23, 2020

Promoter's Name: Alexander Andreev

Start Time: 11:00 AM, Weigh in/rules at 10:00 AM.  

Entry Fee: $25 donation


      2H Flask Pinch (BSS)

      2.25” Crusher (FBBC)

      Grab Ball (FBBC)

Flask – two hands lifting, 2.25” Crusher and Grab Ball – one hand lifting.

Event will be Full Sanctioned with Grip Sport International (Gripsport.org) and David Horne’s World of Grip. Check their website for records lists.

Weight Classes:

      Men: 59kg / 66kg / 74kg / 83kg / 93kg / 105kg / 120kg / 120+kg

      Women: 72kg / 84kg / 100kg / 100+kg

Crossbar height:

·      2H Flask – 7.5”,

·      2.25” Crusher and Grab Ball – 6”

Rising Bar Format, 4 attempts, where contestants are not permitted to reduce the weight.

Reverse Strongman Scoring

4 attempts for each division.   

After the main program - Record Breaking Session:

1. Handshake - Hold

2. Fence Post - Hold and Lift

3. Finnish Crate - Lift and Hold

4. Silarukov 50 mm Block - Hold

5. Stirrup (BSS)

By the way, the contest day (January 23) is my birthday, so your participation is the best gift for me!

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