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Don Cummings: Bending 725 Nails For Noah’s Army


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Noah’s Army fundraiser is next weekend. Today I bent 725 x 60d nails, the most ever done, to honor Noah Jeffries. It was a full 50lb box of nails plus 150 from a 2nd box. I will post more about the fundraiser and the feat soon. Here are some pics:






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29 minutes ago, Horrido said:

Crazy session. Hats off to you, Don!

Thanks Jan!

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Amazing bending my brother... huge feat of strength and endurance my friend!! 

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12 hours ago, robertmiller67 said:

Amazing bending my brother... huge feat of strength and endurance my friend!! 

Thank you very much Robert! A fun feat for sure!

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I bent the 725 nails (a full 50lb box, which was 575 nails, plus 150 additional nails) to honor Noah Jeffries and to help raise money for Noah’s Army.  Noah is Bud Jeffries son and was tragically killed when he was just 21 years old. Noah was an exceptional young man and had accomplished so much in the strength world at just a young age.  I really want to help Bud and his foundation because both Bud and Noah have been big inspirations for me.  I have pictures of Bud and of Noah in my gym.  Bud has always been a huge influence on me and my training. He is one of the strongest people in the world and has genius training ideas. Noah lived life to its fullest and loved to help people. He is also a reminder that we never know when our lives could be cut short. You need to take advantage of every minute you have. 

 This is what Noah’s Army is all about: “Our goals through Noah's Army Foundation, Inc., are to provide scholarships and support for first responders, assist veterans and active duty military. To offer assistance to those in our community where we can and bring instruments, music and learning to children in long term health care. We will continue to help build awareness and understanding of the importance of organ donation. Our son, William Noah Jeffries' life was cut short at the age of 21. He was a very accomplished young man, but had many goals and dreams left ahead of him. It is our desire to help others achieve their goals, who share a similar spirit to Noah's and still bring some of his to fruition in his memory. Noah had elected to become an organ donor the day he received his license at 16. He always felt it was the right thing to do. Because of his awareness, four other people who were recipient matches, continue to live today.”

 Noah’s Army had to cancel their fundraising events this year because of COVID-19.  Tomorrow, November 14, they are having an online telethon to raise money for their charity. The telethon starts at 12p.m. eastern time and will run for a few hours. There is an incredible lineup of strength athletes and other performers who will be show casing their talents for your entertainment.  Check out the telethon here at noon tomorrow:


 To learn more about Noah, you can also hear Dennis Rogers and the local Sheriff speak about him here:





Donations can be made on PayPal to:




Here is my favorite picture I have seen of Noah. He was travelling the country with his dad performing strongman shows at schools and other places when he was a teenager. This photo was taken at one of their shows with an audience member.

noah bud girl.jpg

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