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If anyone is interested...?


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On 10/14/2020 at 3:12 AM, gripmaniac said:

Interesting. . . .what sort of exercises were you doing it? 

Reps, partials, negatives, or static holds?



Hi - I used it extensively from March to June...lots and lots of reps - it works my thumb in the correct position on a rolling handle.  I would also adjust the angle by putting another green 'brick' thing underneath the bottom to change the angle and stress on my thumb. I found that my thumb pad became much bigger.  I stopped using it in June and went on to R/T and another exercise I thought up.  I am sure the work I did on this 'device' has led to a big jump in my rolling handle numbers. I will start using it again in November and see if I can get another big increase in my numbers on all the rolling handles.  Have to wait and see.  I will make a video if anyone is interested.

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@LAINE SNOOK placed my 2" Crusher onto my ttk and a 35lb plate. Had to be careful to not let it roll off.

Works the thumbs way better. I can see how it would increase thumb strength for rolling handles. Incredible concept.

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