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Last year we had such a successful turnout at our Armhighland Gripstrongwrestling Powergames, we decided to keep it going.  Despite our current circumstances and a socially distanced competition with lower attendance numbers, this year we still had a great event.

First off I want to give Scott and Janelle White a huge thank you for continuing to allow us to host our competitions at the New and Used Gym Store.  Their hospitality and trust is second to none.

The event started with myself attempting a red nail cert attempt.  Previously I had been able to burn through reds and I have even bent three IM reds in under a minute on a few occasions so I figured our event would be the perfect time to cert.  Well, I failed.  Put my all into two different reds and could barely put in a wobble.  Was really bizarre quite honestly.  It also wore me out so bad I couldn't compete in grippers, which was a huge blow.  I will try again next year.  

As for the event, we had some epic performances.  James Retarides bested his previous lever top record with a pull of 121+ pounds.  Insane wrist strength.  Jake Fuller is an all around group phenom on both grippers and anything thick bar.  Bright future ahead of him. Strongman and powerlifter Tom McClure stole the show on axle, Rolling Thunder and Vbar, leaving everyone in his wake.  Huge 230 lb pull on the RT qas quite impressive.   Porkchop aka Steven Samaniego continues to beat his own PRs.  Falling just behind Tom McClure and Jake Fuller, Chop certainly has a future in grip events. 


In the mother of all medleys we had a tight race. The medley featured a variety of block weights, bottoms up presses, thick handled bells, hubbery, log press, 300lb axle, 500 lb farmers walk, husafel stone, atlas stones and other weird odds and ends.  Completely taxed every muscle.   Robert Miller set the bar with 37 successful lifts, then Jake Fuller answered with 38.  Chop pulled out an amazing 39 successful attempts to be crowned the AGP 2020 Nedley champion. 

Thank you to everyone that came out.  Next year will be even bigger and better!!

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