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Advice on unique hand soreness


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Not sure if I got carried away starting back with the grippers but my right hand has been a mess for the last week. The issue is hard to pinpoint but appears to be related to something with the ring or between the middle finger - When I grip the gripper and just barely start squeezing I get a sharp almost shooting pain near the ring finger base knuckle

What seems odd it that it is very hard to duplicate either through picking up other objects or pushing on the hand. Seems to be hurt when I wrap my hand around a dumbbell as well? but making a fist and squeezing doesn't seem to hurt at all... very odd

Also had the urge to pull on my ring finger and middle finger and pop the knuckle a lot almost like a jammed finger.

I've been doing some ice baths and took about a week off but no noticeable improvement yet?

Anyone else experienced anything like this.. really sucks because I need to get stronger.

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Perhaps there is a strong sprain or tear of the annular or cruciate ligaments. Possibly ligaments between the metacarpal bones and phalanges. There are many small formations - no one will tell you this on distance. The acute nature of the pain indicates rather a tear, but periostitis during the period of exacerbation can be very similar. In any case, you should see a physician with experience with sports injuries. If it is expensive or you do not have a good specialist nearby, then follow the general prescriptions for such conditions with unknown localization - anti-inflammatory, but avoid diclofenac and ibuprofen (they are heavy for the liver and joints), oral nimisulides or meloxicams are better (even better - injectable meloxicam ) - from 5 to 10 days. Compresses with Dimexide and meloxicam - up to a month. Large doses of chondroprotectors - up to six months ...

But you must understand that if the ligament is completely torn off, lost time will make the surgical operation impossible or extremely expensive and difficult ...

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Thanks - Ivan I will look into a meloxicam over the counter solution. It did feel better last night and I was able to shut a 90lbs gripper a Grip Genie 4 with minimal discomfort. So I will back off a little longer and let it heal competely. I believe it is something at the A1 area or knuckle on the ring finger.

Of course my other option is to just figure out how to close the #3 with two fingers..ūü§£

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53 minutes ago, eman said:


Due to the fact that at different angles in the joints different fibers are loaded in the ligaments (and in the tendons too), you can observe the same picture as yours - when the pain is strong in the movements on which you were injured. And weak, or lagging in others. Light loads will speed up recovery by improving blood circulation and increasing the intensity of all metabolic and recovery processes. But those movements that cause sharp pain or that led to injury are best avoided. if I were you, I would dont put gripper in hand for some time. (or would take the lightest - CoC - S-T level) Consider it as a step back, then to accelerate and jump forward ...

Let your body regenerate and give it supplies to do this. Anti-inflammatories remove pain, swelling and inflammation (they don't heal you on their own) and allowing your body to start repairing itself. Glucosamine, chondroitin, sulfur and collagen (regular gelatin is the same, only much cheaper) will help you recover faster and get less injuries in the future ..

A speedy recovery to you!

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Get a bottle of cissus quadrangularis, aka "super cissus." Has helped me a few times with weird pains like that, which I couldn't resolve with the usual stuff (stretching, icing, high volume / light exercise for blood flow.)

Its not magic, but is worth a shot.

Also DMSO topical application (get at least 99.9% pure stuff) should help almost immediately.

Still be careful with it, maybe find grip work other than grippers to do for a while, if something else is pain free.

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Go to the hospital and make a MRI asap. you should not waste time on treatment of the uknown problem

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