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Hurricane Season

John Szimanski

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PDA will not be shipping anything to anyone who has in any manner initiated or condoned the copy-for-sale activity in either of the recent posts. Open orders of those who have expressed interest in the subject activity have been cancelled and refunded. Future orders will be declined to same and all communications deleted without response. This policy will also apply to anyone at any time doing the same with anyone else's equipment.

Companies that take the time to research, develop, advertise and market innovative equipment adhere to requirements, regulations and laws. Besides patent pending issues, those obviously skirting ethics usually ignore proper accounting as well as:

1. Federal Income Tax

2. State Income Tax

3. State Sales Tax

4. State Retail License

5. City Business License, etc.

These are all items that are readily corrected by an attorney's letter directly to the appropriate agencies. When it rains, it pours.


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