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Hitting plateaus

Kev Paone

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I recently got back into grip strength. When I stopped I was able to close the #3 on a good day. After about a 10 year hiatus I have gotten back into it. I lost little, if any grip strength because I’ve still been working out consistently.

It’s been about 2 months now and I’m still stuck at sometimes being able to close the 3 and my ghp 7. I’m not sure if plateau is the right word here, but I was curious if anyone had a program they followed that they felt really improved their grip. I’m sure this has been a thread a million times before but I suck at navigating this site. Any links to previous threads or videos or advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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Totally depends on why you have hit a plateau. Always ask yourself: Why am I not making progress?

It can be many reasons for it. It's impossible to give any good advice if we don't know how you train.

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