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Pinch Gripping

Bill Piche

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How wide do you practice the pinch grip?  2 inches? 4?  Other?  

Just curious as there seems to be a lot of variation in training the pinch.  

What do you use?

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I made myself three wood blocks. One is 2 inches wide, another is 3 inches wide and the last one is four inches wide. I train on them in summertime. When fall is coming (and I get back to the school gym), I pinch on York plates.

I prefer to do the pinch grip with the plates as it is harder to keep them together than to pinch a wood block.

The weight I use on my 2 inches wood block is close to 100 pounds. When I pinch on plates, my best is 80 pounds. For me, pinching plates is more efficient than a wood block.

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I use a width of 62 mm. 1 inch = 25,4 mm

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Because it is an isometric contraction I try to vary the width of the stuff that I pinch.  Like most other people on here made myself a good, strong pinch block and I also pinch two 10k olympic plates in each hand.  When I get stronger i will link some chain through the holes with a carabina and slowly add weight untill I can pinch two 20k plates (two 45lbs).  The block I use is about

1 1/2 inches and the plate are about 2 1/2 inches.

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Guest scotte

I have had an engineering mate of mine make a 55mm wide metal block (with a hook attached to the bottom) for 1 HPG a 45mm block for 2 HPG and a 25mm block which REALLY improves your finger and thumb strength.

Having small hands (and David Horne uses 2 inch thick aparatus in his competitions) i find it uncomfortable to use any wider than 55mm.

Hand size, in my experience, determins preferable Pinch Gripping widths.

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