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How often without injury?

Bartosz Robert

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How often can I spar without injury? Because I feel like I could go to the armwrestling table more often. 

Before February I made two light sparrings weekly. March and April just 2. My last sparring was about 3 weeks ago. I like doing my training rather often. Before 23 march I've trained 6 times a week. I've done many armlifting and armwrestling exercises. Cardio x 2 a week and so on. To sum up I've done 6 training sessions a week. No overtraining, no injuries. 

My friends train armwrestling and injure themselves a lot. One of them was a junior champion of Poland. The other one was 7th on last championships. Maybe because they fight too often and train soo hard. Will something happen if I up the sparring to one more session a week? 

Could I do more technical training on the table? 

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Sort of a loaded question I suppose.

if your training 6 times a week and haven’t felt any sort of discomfort, then I’d suggest the guys your training with aren’t strong enough.

the stronger you and the guys are you pull with, the more careful you’ll have to be.

and then at the same time, the stronger you become, the harder it will be to get a good workout in at a practice with weaker training partners. Hints why the top guys might actually have to pull daily, and for hours to get any kind of workout.

a lot of new guys “think” they are the same as top guys. Needing daily matches to get any work. But unfortunately any time they hook up with actual pullers, they complain for months how much pain they are in afterward.

there really isn’t any formula. 

When I show up to a stacked practice, we go 4-5 hours of non stop redline pulls. We basically mimic how a tournament will go. And all of us feel beat up for weeks afterward. Typically, a heavy practice will be every two weeks. With plenty of sub maximal rehab work in time between.

No idea if I even remotely answered your question.

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It depends on how hard you go in your Training. 

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I'm 81 kg. The two friends of mine are 20 kg heavier. I'm always a sore loser, never even had the opportunity to pin one of them.  One was junior 21 champion in the 90kg+ category. 

By 6 training sessions I mean:

Monday: a few exercises(pull ups, curls, holds, wrist exercises, OHP etc.) on the gym, grippers home 

Tuesday: this time legs (front squat and prowler sled) pull ups at the end. Stretching. Grippers home. 

Wednesday: on the table we do a few warmup exercises with the more experienced armwrestlers. Then we (I mean guys about my weight fight each other in a organized manner) on the coronavirus time I was the only one left from my category so I had to lose with the heavier guys. I've do some cardio on Wednesday. 

Thursday: same as Monday and a bit of arm lifting. 

Friday: Isometrics and so on, wrist exercises, grippers etc. 

Saturday: technique on the table, and a very very few showdowns between us. On the evening I go running (15 minutes) 

Sunday: rest day 

That was basicly my week untill 23 march. Now I train less often. Because the gym is closed I do basically exercises with a dumbell, pull-ups and grippers, and I do cardio just once. 

I hope that in June we all get back to normal, so I could spend the time more productively. I want to get back to the gym and the armwrestling table. I could substitute that cardio with a third training session on the table. 

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