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I got in a pretty intense armwrestling match the other day after some grip training. My forearm and elbow bother me everyone once in a while after I armwrestle, but this was the first time after a girp workout. I could Telll it was the tendons too. Anyway the armwreslting match was a good idea, becuase now if I do any sort of movment where I have to lift over 20 lbs or grip anythign stronger than a store bought gripper, then the pain becomes just as intense as being hit in the lower regions. To the point wher eit's nauseating... I was just wondering what it might be, If I shoud see A doctor, and when it heals, will the tendons hela back stronger? It's gonna be hard gettign an appointment seeing as i live on the east coast of N.C... The Hurricane will be here in like 2 days....

Well I guess this means it's time to give my left hand some more trianing. :happy

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Guest gripmaster316

Wait a week and if the pain is till there call a doctor. Curious, after a hard arm wrestle it is my shoulder that tends to bother me. Were you doing a sit down or stand up arm wrestle??

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