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Blob chalking


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I have some days where the chalk on the blob and my hands is “just right” and it feels like I can dominate that blob- lifting for 10 seconds or so. Other days that same blob barely budges from the ground. On some days it happens within a workout.

Today, for example, grippers for 4-5 sets of singles, 3-4 sets for blob lifts and it didn’t feel “just right”, 0-7 second holds between sets. This was followed by some thumb repetition work, some overhead levering and extensor work. Then, just as my grip day ended, I chalked up again and this time it was “just right”, and in a fatigued state I held the same blob for 10+ secs each hand. 

Has anyone experienced this level of variation in blob/hand chalking/moisture/ whatever else it may be and does anyone have any advice to where I can make things more consistent? 

I remember when I first started training with pinch blocks I had the same issue so I basically stripped the black paint off and the problem was solved. My blob (blobette) doesn’t have any paint but it can be pretty slick, sometimes the chalk with my finger wipes clean off, leaving a clean blobette face. This blobette is over a decade old. 

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Sometimes you have to clean the chalk off with a wire brush and start over on days where the chalk doesnt feel as gritty or even use a different kind of chalk. Pretty normal with all implements in regards to chalking, some days are better than others. 

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