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Making a better version of the secret weapon from Baraban's plate loaded "table" grip machine and this machine vs normal one's


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I see with most plates loaded grip machines the way you pull the handles together is bending over and the handles are the wrong way (horizontal )  In the get a grip video kinney said he cut the handles at an angle to simulate it been more realistic. But even with his machine your still bent over and the pull is still horizontal . No way mimicing a proper standing position to closing a gripper. Enter the baraban table grip machine which can be set on a high table at shoulder height (not bending over like a wrist curl) and the handles are vertical. Dad got this from him many years and pulled it out of the shed and was I thinking can this be modified into a secret weapon by fileing one of the handles down ? .

And how much weight do think needs to be added to be the same as closing a number 3 coc gripper ? I would guess 65kg in weight plates





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The handles are pulley parallel to each other completely different movement from a torsion spring gripper.

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This is a cool idea and could definitely be worked into something close to a gripper, but the main issues I see with this particular design are 1.)what lucas said, and 2.)the position of the weight (lever arm parallel to the ground) means that the beginning of the rep will be the hardest and once the handles are touching (or as close as they can get) the force on your hand will be the smallest, which is the opposite of a torsion spring gripper.

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