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Non related grip injurys / Surgery and increased grip / forearm strength ?


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So my dad wen't for blood work and the nurse hit a nerve while trying to find  a good spot and he felt like an electric shot from the bicep into his fingers. Before this he struggled to close a number 1 passed parallel. 1 month after the pain went for good. He picked up the coc 1 gripper and closed it like it was nothing he say's TNS level..

Now this got me thinking back and the moustache man from bean station. Had a supposed accident at work that cut part of his forearm open before he did / did not do you know what. And Mr Povilaitis had his spine fused wirh a metal bar because of scoliosis. And his level of functional grip strength is obviously amazing.

So we all have these extra muscle fibres where supposed girls like me could lift a car off a stranger etc. And am wondering if an injury or having surgery can increase these extra muscle fibers. to be able to do these superman feats of strength.


Your thoughts ?

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His hands where more well rested the 2nd time. If that was the case, old people heroin addicts and diabetics would be ridiculously strong.

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