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New Brookfield Tip


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Yeah, this was posted a couple of weeks ago...

For a variation, try a thicker board (2x6...or so) with smaller pliers....

Really gives a lot of pressure to the last two digits (ring finger and pinky)

Makes for a very wide set....

I tried it with a thin board and it felt more like a wirst excercise...like a weighted frying pan.....

John is the King of Innovation...

This one is great.

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For hub lifting practice I use a Bung plug, no not the Beavis and Butthead kind but the wooden kind you tap into a huge wine or whiskey vat. My dad gave it to me so I drilled a hole in the center and screwed a "j" hook into it and used a chain or a 5 gallon bucket and lifted away. It works well except most hubs aren't that long, though this does have a good taper to it.

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