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Got My Elite Grippers In

Dan Cenidoza

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First of all, when I called to place my order I was told they'd ship the following day and I'd have them in a week... cool. 9 days later I get my confirmation email. :blink I reply to ask when they shipped/when they'd be arriving and I'm given a UPS tracking number. :mellow Oh, they just shipped! :angry: I replied once again to tell him I was not happy about this, I didn't get them in time to train for the contest and he had lost my future business. :whistel Really, I was just trying to get something out of it, knock off the shipping charges, maybe a free gripper... hey, it worked with mf-athletics! I was very professional about it and figured I'd at least get an apology... I didn't even get a reply!

Whatever, no big deal. At least the grippers had arrived. I got an Elite, Super Elite and a Grand Elite. I'm not particularly impressed with the quality though. The knurling is all beat up, they've got what looks like grease marks all over them and the craftsmanship is mediocre at best. :dry

The only good thing about them is that I can't close any of them! :yikes

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It's dissapointing to hear about your troubles with your elite grippers...hopefully they can solve some of those problems, I've yet to purchase any but it'd be nice to know prior to doing so that those problems don't exsist. Esthetics aside hopefully the grippers will be up to your standards.

Your avatar looks just like your hand position at the contest :cool


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I've ordered with WW and from The Man himself. I prefer using Warren. So you gotta write a check...big deal. As far as looks go my PDA gripper is the ugliest with a gash in the handle. Does it matter or effect how it works....Nope.

My COC's are definitly prettier but my Tetting and PDA grippers are better.


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Yeah, the RB grippers are sweet, maybe that's why I noticed the craftsmanship like I did. Really it's no big deal, though I would like to be the one who bangs them up. Still, the grease marks aren't too cool.

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You can tell that the mass-produced grippers have been assembled and unceremoniously tossed into a box. The knicks and gouges in some are horrible, and completely unacceptable. Sure, they don't detract from their function, but we wouldn't throw grippers all into one pile when were done, but the manufacturer can? If you look at the IM and BB grippers, you'll see that the marks left in the handles can all be made with another gripper by smacking the two into eachother.

On the other hand, the RB grippers are quite perfect. Quality at it's finest. :bow

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You can tell that the mass-produced grippers have been assembled and unceremoniously tossed into a box.

How fast are they making them? It is not like Tetting is selling a gripper every 5 sec., so he really has no excuse for handling them so cavalierly.

If it makes them $5/unit cheaper, though, I can't complain.

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