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John Grip Mannino


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I asked my wife today if our newly born baby would turn out to be a boy,I wanted to give him the middle name Grip.She did not go for it,though I will still try and persuade her to.The name would be John Grip Mannino.I also asked her if she would go for the middle name steel.John Steel Mannino.I still will bug her about it. :D

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Here ya go...IF your of italian heritage(well even if you are not ;) )

Tell your wife some of these middle names are old family traditions:

middle name:grip=presa




Actually ?John Presa Mannino .....has a good sound to it? :whistel

She'll never have to know ;)

Hell if i had your hand strength and power? I'd give my kid these first and middle names: Ferro Presa

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Thanks Tom! That's sounds like a great idea and my wife said she'd go for it since we are both from Italian descent. A girl can have the middle name persa and a boy can have the middle name Ferro. Thanks for the info. Take care.

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A buddy of mine, who is REALLY into medieval armour, named his two boys Steel and Iron.

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Are you counting on a fourth girl John? LOL! John and a house full of women... ouch! You know women that live together end up having their menstral cycles at the same time... :unsure Will John die from stress or for leaving the seat up... only time will tell. :laugh

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What does your last name mean? It looks a lot like a word in spanish that would mean "little hand." That is a suggestion I would like to throw in as well.

Perhaps the name John Mano Mannino.

Mano = Hand

Spanish equvalents to the above words:

grip=apreton, agarre





strong= fuerte

Any others you want to know?


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