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Best bend results


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Can anyone list the top results for Double Overhand - Reverse - and Double Underhand bending over the years - say Top Ten in each?  Calibrated if available - just which bar size if not?  Maybe the old Benders Battlefield - may not be current but close?

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Chris -

Here are the Benders' Battlefield double-overhand IMP rankings (Top Ten).  These were the most competitive lists back then.  I had the double-underhand lists printed out too, but they got lost in a move a few years back, I think.

Rules:  All bends done in single IMPs in under 1-minute, no bands.  3 judges scoring each bend.  All steel was calibrated by Mike Krahling.


7" O-1 Drill Rod

1. JT Straussner, . 339", 610-lbs.
2. EJ Livesey,  "Q" 590-lbs.
3. Paul Knight,  .339", 540-lbs.
4. David Wigren,  "Q" 520-lbs.
5. Sean Cashman,  21/64", 515-lbs.
6. Mike Rinderle,  5/16", 505-lbs.
6. Carl Donati Jr.,  5/16", 505-lbs.
6. Richard Bean,  5/16", 505-lbs.
7. Alexis Maroupas,  .339", 500-lbs.
8. Chad Rickicki,  5/16", 490-lbs.

6" O-1 Drill Rod

1. EJ Livesey,  8mm, 640-lbs.
2. JT Straussner,  "P", 635-lbs.
3. Tommy Jennings,  "P", 620-lbs.
4. Paul Knight,  5/16", 615-lbs.
5. Carl Donati Jr,  "N" .302", 565-lbs.
6. Chad Rickicki,  "N" .302", 560-lbs.

6. Mike Rinderle,  "N" .302", 560-lbs.
6. Mike Krahling,  "N" .302, 560-lbs.
6. Richard Bean,  "N" .302", 560-lbs.
10. Sean Cashman,  19/64", 535-lbs.

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You all are freaks!  But in  good way :)

Now the Reverse lists if anyone has them - Rindo?

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If you have the links you might be able to use the wayback machine (Google it, then paste the old link)

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22 hours ago, Tommy J. said:

Very cool! You got the BB wrap list?

i went 700lbs on the BB wrap list. So did EJ

Unfortunately, no.  I saved all of the IMPs lists, but can only locate the double-overhand.  Crazy numbers with the BBWs!

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