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Axle, bending, triceps


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I've been doing axle and every time I try to bend, my triceps are killing me up to about 6" from my elbow, even after a week of rest. Hopefully it's a good thing (working the same areas) so I'll try no axle and fully recover before bending again.

Anyone else have this happen? Kink goes fine but anything after that has this new soreness/tension that I haven't experienced before.

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Are you pulling the axle with your elbows slightly flexed?  If you are not, I would start doing so.  Also, I would not stop pulling the axle, but, would pull thumb-less every once in a while as this requires a good bit more wrist flexion strength and will take a little weight off.  I do not bend DO anymore, but I have found that using variety has helped immensely with preventing soreness and injury.   

How often are you pulling axle and bending?  

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Just once a week axle, or bending. I'll try thumbless and see how it goes. Straight elbows, but I imagine that will have to change going thumbless anyway.

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