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2020 North American Grip Sport Championships - Qualified Athletes

Eric Roussin

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Details for the 2020 North American Grip Sport Championships are in the process of being worked out. In the meantime, here’s the list of athletes who have already qualified to compete in this contest, grouped by the initial contest through which they qualified. Note that presently the women’s and masters’ (men’s 50+ years) divisions are open (i.e. there’s no need to qualify).

2019 North American Grip Sport Championships:

Anthony Clarino
Dave Christopher
Abner Nazario
Vinnie Rivellese
Adam Chappell
Luke Raymond
Anton Torella
Eric Roussin
Jedd Johnson
Mike Rinderle
Nick Carignan
Joe Sullivan
Justin Major

Shut the Grip Up:

Jason Wood

Twin Cities Strongest Hands:

Joel Dircks
Grant Thompson
Ken Kuyath
Ulice Payne
Isaac Wittinger
Gripaholics Unanimous:

JD Markwardt
Rick Giese
Steve Millard

Living Legends:

Steven Samaniego
Aaron Corcorran

Armhighland Gripstrongwrestling Powergames:

Jason Otto
Gary Stuart

International King Kong Grip Challenge:

Yves Gravelle

Gil Goodman

Dan Fleming

Tanner Merkle
Devinlee Brown
Christopher Tracy
Brad Provick
Jason Dingey
Adam Glass
Jay Smith
John Machnik
Jason Gonzalez
Tommy Jennings Jr.
Rob McMurren
Christopher Oka
Michael Rogowski
Ian Wheat
Andrew Tracy
Andrew Sasso
Clint Ziegler
Jeremy Coffin
Kevin Prothero
David Beyer
Frank Snyder
Jeremy Everding
Brad Neitzel
Stephen Anderson
Adam Derks
John McCarter
Cory Balaberda

East Ohio Grip Championship:

Mike Saffell

A Bensonhurst Gripmas:

Tim Butler

Winter Grip Challenge

Michael Thomas

Mettle Mash

Tom Bryson

James Jeffers

While placing among the top third of finishers in a GSI-sanctioned contest is the most popular way to qualify, it is also possible to qualify via video submission or by accomplishing certain feats. Full details on how to qualify for the 2020 North American Grip Sport Championships can be found here:


If you believe you have already qualified but don’t see your name listed above, please contact me.

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Guys any idea of when/where the 2020 nationals will be happening?

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  • 2 months later...

The first post has been updated with the names of those who have qualified through their performance in recent contests.

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The list has been updated. Tom Bryson and James Jeffers have qualified via their performance at this past Saturday’s Mettle Mash: Saskatchewan’s Strongest Hands.

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