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Anyone Tried A Bowling Ball...


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I'm wondering if anyone has drilled a hole in one and made it loadable via chain and loading pin?

One could have a variety of finger positions (drilled them) and these things are cheap if you ask bowling alley's if you can have their busted/in_the_trash_pile balls.

Should not be too slippery. Plus you would be able to launch a regular ball after a few months of training on it.

I have been thinking about doing this but, I do not have a bunch of tools (drill that could do this).

Any comments suggestions?


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You can have the bowling alley drill them cheaply for you

I can theow a 16lbs bowling ball down the lane at my top

speed was 25.58 mph.


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Jonapun McMillan strikes again.

He's got a McMillan of 'em.

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