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Grip gym walk through. Post yours!


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I lift in a small area of my buds crossfit gym. Nothing special. 

my items however are pretty basic as instead of being contest focused and buying shit I dont need I just have fun stuff and some carryover tools. All of it fits in my bag and thats that.

so I have a small range of grippers. Unrated trainer to a 213 #4. In random unfocused jumps. The unorganized chaos in this set up still manages to work. Followed by my odd pieces. My finger killer (mini gun) the NN single and double handle with 2 3/8 grips (need the larger grip and some blocks for pinch variation) . 3 sizes of stubs 8,9 and 30mm)a finnish ball trainer (want a bigger ball) the John Oka originals (Anaconda , GG and Payne) Also have a DH Shallow that will see some use as well as a Henze Hub device called the Jeykell and Hyde and IM hub. The BSS original stirrup and the double inch wrench. Also recently acquired a bare metal 2 3/8 axle. I use the plates at the gym for pinch currently. My 2hp setup is 2x45s measuring 64mm with my longer pin in the middle. My one hand is 35s with my small pin. I used to have a range of blobs and block weights and 2 deep dish plates and nearly every crusher as well as the vbar. No longer have those obviously. The goal is to stay mobile. I have minimalist ocd tendencies so having 10 tons of crap in my garage triggers me. So these days Im keeping low numbers. No blobs..ever again. And I probably wont do the home gym thing since im moving to BW stuff in place of lifting. vagabond   strength. 

what Id like to get in the near future is a couple of grippers to close some gaps and aid in building up my left. Im gonna do certs but I like to have a better sense of where im at. Also as stated above Id like to grab some more stubs and a bigger FB. More NN grips and maybe a saxon. Logan lift, half penny and I really want the crater pinch..I love the goofy stuff ya’ll whine about. 





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5 hours ago, Joseph Sullivan said:

Just resituated my grip central station. Here is a walk through and description of some items. Please post your gyms as well. Would be fun to see everyone’s set up.


Ever thought of a pegboard for the implements? That cabinet with all that stuff in it would drive me nuts. Not telling you what to do of course 

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29 minutes ago, FrankSobotka said:

Ever thought of a pegboard for the implements? That cabinet with all that stuff in it would drive me nuts. Not telling you what to do of course 

No, don’t want to make holes in the wall. The cabinet works well.

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