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Emil Frisk - Level 1

Bill Piche

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The GripBoard Proudly Certifies:

Emil Frisk


GripBoard Mash Monster Level 1

This certification is granted by The GripBoard as an independent third party with no ethical or commercial conflict of interest.

The Mash Monster Gripper is one of a limited number supplied and controlled by The GripBoard.

The gripper is closed with one hand under strict and uniformly ethical and authenticated conditions.

This momentous feat was demonstrated on video to assure it will be valid for posterity.



Official Mash Monster Video


Name: Emil Frisk
Age: 34
Height: 182cm
Weight: 95kg
Date of Feat: September 23, 2019

Witness: N/A
How Long Grip Training: 5 years
Current Grip Training Program:  None

Other Training Info: I try to train my whole body on a regular basis.
Acknowledgements:  First of all I must say thanks to my father for letting me build a gym in his basement and letting me train there whenever I want. It helps a lot not having to train grippers in my apartment or outside in -30C :D And of course, thanks to Gripboard and all it's members for a great community, tons of knowledge and information here, which is invaluable.



MM1 pic.JPG

Emil Frisk, the113th man in the world to close the Mash Monster Gripper - Level 1


Could you tell us a little about your background in lifting?

I don't have much of a background lifting weights. However, I did a lot of sports as a kid. Soccer, Ice-Hockey, Swimming, Table-Tennis, Boxing, Judo and so on...


How did you get into grip training?

I honestly don't remember. I sort of always knew about grippers although I never actually tried them. I just thought it would be a good idea to train my hands so I bought some grippers and started.


You are now a GripBoard Mash Monster, what would you recommend to those aspiring to close this gripper?

Specialize in the MMS and don't waste any energy on wide sets like CCS and TNS. It will only drain you and it will not make your MMS better, and using wide sets will, of course, lower your potential on the MM-ladder drastically. The MM grippers are about two things, the set and the crush. There's no reason to train the sweep because you don't really need it. Using a gripper like the Vulcan gripper is a very good idea because it will make your setting very strong, once you go back to torsion spring grippers, they will be easy to set. Then work on the crush along with this. If you have problems you can always use filed grippers and train beyond the range, which will help for the final part of the crush.


What does your current grip routine look like?

I don't have a specific routine that I follow but I try to improve each training session. In one way or another.


How has your grip routine changed since you first started training your grip?

Biggest difference is that I pay way more attention to recovery now.


There seems to be a significant variation in the frequency of grip workouts among trainees. Have you experimented with workout frequency and it’s affect on your training?

I have tried to train less than one time per week all the way to training every day for almost 80 days non-stop. High frequency seems to work better for me when it comes to grippers. 4-6 times a week seems to be optimal for me. Maybe a bit less for peaking.


What are your favorite grip exercises?

Grippers and reverse bending.


What kind of starting routine would you recommend for a trainee new to grip training?

It totally depends on the goals.


Who do you most admire in gripdom?

I wouldn't use the word admire but of course, there are some people out there who do amazing feats of strength in the grip world, which is really inspiring to see. However, it doesn't really matter what level you're at. If you like what you're doing and contribute to the community and are a good person, you have my respect.


If you were to start over again with your grip training, what would you do differently?

I would not change anything in the strength building aspect of my training (as far as set and reps go) but I would pay more attention to recovery.


What do you believe is the most difficult grip exercise?

All exercises can be difficult, it all depends on how far you want to go. Hardest to make progress with is probably exercises where leverage is against you, stuff like TNS grippers, reverse bending with pads touching, plate curls, wide pinch, key-pinch on small objects etc.


What are some of your personal bests in grip exercises?

161 lbs CPW rated Tetting gripper with 20 mm block set, 143 kg DOH Axle deadlift, 70 kg 2H Euro pinch. I don't really train axle and 2HP, I mostly train grippers. I've also done 115 kg on a dynamometer (SilaRukov), reverse bent a Grade 5 bolt with pads touching, 34 kg on the IM Blockbuster, 30 kg+ on the IM Hub, got some decent amount of air with 78 kg on my Inch trainer. Best gripper close with left hand was a FBBC 4X gripper rated at 158 lbs.


What do you believe is the most common mistake made by new grip trainees?

I don't know what the most common mistakes are but everyone makes mistakes. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a veteran. The important thing is to learn from the mistakes you make and then improve. I do see that a lot of beginners are afraid of overtraining. If your hands and arms don't hurt badly then you should just train more. When you're just starting out, normally you will be at a lower level, then you can train a lot more with no problems. Just rest if it hurts, use common sense. I have also seen some beginners who believe that chalk should be avoided, I think that is a huge mistake.


What do you consider to be the greatest grip feats of all time?

If you have a world record or have done a feat of strength that nobody else has done, then you're the greatest.


Do you have any parting advice for readers?

Never give up no matter how much you struggle. Even if you have physical limitations of some sort, never give up, you can always achieve great things if you're dedicated to do so, and learn to set realistic goals that you can achieve in the near future.


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