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2019 September: Mr Olympia Arm Lifting Championship


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14 September 2019, Los Vegas Convention Center. 

2019 was the first year a grip contest in any format was ran at the Olympia. I predict after this weekend it grow from here. What a fantastic success!

I flew in to Vegas from DFW Friday night at 11:30 pm, arrived at 12:15 am Saturday morning. I got in to my hotel room about 1:30 am. At 8:30 am I made my way to the convention center. 

Wrist band pickup was smooth, the staff let in a group of lifters to the center early. I weighed in at 8:40 am at 98kg and went off to hunt for something to eat. 

For the event we had 4 ladies, 6 men in 83 kg class, 6 men in 110kg class, 5 in 110kg+. 

We opened the event with silver bullet. I used a #4 for 5.78 seconds result. I was perfectly content with that result starting off. My training for the contest was focused on a 5 second hold and being able to recover a miss load with a 4. Steven Anderson ran away with 1st place with a 18.35 #4 hold- pr for him and one of the best results we have seen in 2019 for a contest. Steve Millard had a 6.53 second #4 hold for 2nd place and a contest pr for him. I was in 3rd. Riccardo Magni held #4 for 5.35 seconds a contest PR and #4 position. 

Rolling thunder was second event. The expo was taking off and we had great crowds as the event unfolded. 

I lifted 100 kg and missed my lockout at 103kg for 2nd. Tom lifted 103kg for 1st place and missed at 106kg. Steve M took 3rd with a PR 97.5 kg lift, Riccardo 4th with 93.5 kg and John O’Connor at 5th with 90.5 kg. I was pleased with that lift as my RT training has been shifty the last 9 weeks. The last week before the meet I was struggling with consistent reps at 95kg with my competition handle. 

We took a break for awards and lunch then set up double overhand axle. 

Axle as a third event definitely feels different than 1 or 2. I lifted 180 kg and missed 185kg. Tom lifted 180kg and missed at 187 kg attempt. I took 1st being the lighter lifter. Riccardo took 3rd with 170kg, Steve M 4th with 165kg and Tom Filus 155kg for 5th. I was predicting a 190-195kg lift but this laceration on my right hand was giving me just enough problems to shut that down. 

3” Saxon bar pinch was 4th event. This for me would be my chance for a PR lift and a struggle to overcome Steve M’s tremendous Saxon ability. I lifted 112.5 kg and missed 115kg. Steve took 1st with 112.5kg being lighter lifter then I at 2nd. Tom took 3rd with 100 kg, Riccardo 4th with a Pr 97.5 kg and John O with 5th at 97.5kg.

Final 5 was Me at 394.4 points, Steve M with 386 points, and Tom with 374 points, Riccardo with 368 points and Steven A with 345 points. 

Full score sheet is posted on www.ArmliftingUSA.com under contest results. 

I have lifted at 3 expos this year- the Olympia was the best run of the 3. The venue was fantastic, the expo was well executed. The whole experience was a major thumbs up.  There wasn’t one thing I would want to see changed. I predict it will be substantially larger with each year and I look forward to returning next year.


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4 hours ago, WestSlope said:

You exuded this energy all day - loved it. It felt a lot like climbing with friends.

I hate that I had to miss this competition. I was really looking forward to competing with you again, Steve. 

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Sounds like it was a real dog fight for the top spot! 

Nicely done, Adam!

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Thanks for the write up, makes at least me want to join in and hopefully others to! 

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