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Working towards closing a No. 3 Coc Gripper


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I have been using grippers for almost a year now, and have worked my way up to being able to close a CoC no. 2. This has just been from closing them 2-3 times a week, warming up on the trainer and no. 1, then doing some working sets on the no. 2. I just ordered the 2.5 in hopes that starting some work on a harder gripper will make the others easier. I can currently close the no. 2 maybe twice in one go with the right hand, and only once with the left. After that, it gets more difficult. 

My ultimate goal for the time being is to get certified on the No. 3. To do that, I want to make sure I'm using my training time as efficiently as possible. 


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If you do only Grippers you should add some other grip exercises, f. e. plate pinch and thickbar. 

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I'm at pretty much the same level as both you guys. i can close the number 2 coc at will but can't quite get the 2.5. I am not sure if I want to try for the number 3. I originally had the goal of closing the 2 then stopping because after all who really needs to be much stronger than that with the way they describe it at IM with the whole "life saving grip strength" stuff. But now that I have just naturally surpassed my goal I do feel life keeping going. I am 6' 1' 175lbs and have always been skinny. There is honestly no way that a guy my size who never did sports should be able to get anywhere close to what I can. I have showed some family and friends and they are astonished that I have the strongest grip of anyone by far. I'm not quite sure if my body can handle the force of closing the number 3 coc or if I might hurt myself. 

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Im in the 165ish range for 20/3mm set and and can TNS a filed 160 for 3 reps and working on closing a 165 TNS. You will need to be able to ccs set so you gotta train that. Im not sure if you can no set card swipe the cert but if you can thats probably an option.  Be aware of your recovery and what you do before or during your gripper training. Some guys do grippers during their thickbar. I personally do it a day or two after pinch and then wait a week or more before my next session. 


But practicing the set is key. 

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