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Celebration of Midsummer is very important in Sweden. It's means a lot of spirits and sex. Only two persons were killed this year.

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I see Sweden got through Midsummer with quite few fatalities. Here in Finland (where we also celebrate the same day) we had -at least to my knowledge- 11 fatalities;

and this was a lot less then usually.

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Quick Grip, I think they have already answered your question - - "Lots of sex and spirits".

I do love that part of the world.


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The same answer applies to other celebrations, like new year and all that. Sex and alcohol. Swedes have an incredible grip strength that is unleashed as soon as anyone tries to pry the bottle away from their fingers.

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Guest StrongerthanArne

This does not however apply to Arne who is one whole repetition behind me on CoC #2 (10 vs. 11). Curiously, I am stronger with my left hand on the Ivanko SuperGripper (252 vs. 242 lb, give or take a few percent on each number), whereas I can do 11 reps on CoC #2 with my right hand but only 4 with my left. I have had the grippers for a month now (#1 and #2). When I got them I was just able to close the #2 with my right hand but not with my left. Before getting the CoC grippers I had worked once a week (on a setting that allowed me to do a total of 40 reps in 4 sets) on the Ivanko gripper for about a year. Probably not ideal for maximum strength. My ultimate goal is like that of many here, to close the #3. This has only been done under certfied condition by Magnus Samuelsson in my country (Sweden).

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