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CoC3 MMS close attempt and Warren Tetting grippers

Yuri Mikhnovets

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Hello everyone! One of my attempt to close CoC #3 with parallel set (or MMS as I suppose).

When I wrote in intro letter some time ago I can't close CoC #3, but 2 month ago I've made by myself 3 grip machines, after that I developed my own training program (I can share it with everybody with please, just let me know in private messages) and my grip strength begin to increase. Also I wrote that I keen on quantum mechanics and now I study quantum programming (here I also have a little progress). 

Also half a year ago I asked about Beef Builder Universe gripper (you can read topic with the same naming) and for now I don't lose hope to get this one. But I believe this is Warren Tetting Universe. Also I'm searching for Warren Tetting Galaxy gripper (you can see params from this video

, grippers with letter "G" and "U"). If anyone has these grippers and ready to sell it OR anybody knows someone who ready to sell OR anybody knows where I can buy these it would be perfect! I understand that the state will be "used" and I understand that spring can be covered with rust OR handles can be smoothed I'm READY TO BUY THESE. Thanks in advance and kind regards!

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Awesome mms close! ill keep a lookout on eBay if i see, they are rare. I'm on the hunt for an elite myself

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Many Thanks for answer! As far as I know Bill Ennis sells Beef Builder grippers (weightlifterswarehouse site,) appologies for commercial probably. I bought about 1 year ago a half of BB line and I was very impressed by the quality of those!

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Hi again there! I want to add some to this topic (probably it will help me): as I'm handgripper collector and as I wrote above I don't lose hope that someone could find and sell me Warren Tetting handgrippers, but also I'm looking for another ones: ATOMGRIPS 5 band and 6 Band (or probably from 1 to 6), Atom Gripz mini (keychain for keys), HG500 or BoneCrusher 400 and 500 (I found it on ironwoodyfitness store but they don't ship to Belarus, Minsk city), or some other rare hand grippers. Feel free to write in private messages!

Many thanks in advance. Kind regards!

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