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Where should Wagner Bortolato's left be rated?


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Top five? Better? Need more matches with top pullers to determine?

Here he is against Michael Todd:


Here's  Michael Todd against Jeff DABE, who many consider a top left in North America:


Arm Wrestling Domination by Jeff DABE at UAL




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I could be wrong but I don’t think neither Jeff Dabe or Michael Todd’s left arm is any good. I’d guess they’re both mid level heavyweight pro’s in the left arm. Sure they might do well at a local event. But at a high level event they’d wouldn’t do very well. 

I actually don’t think Todd is particularly strong in his right arm neither. If it wasn’t for his ability to King’s move he’d be a mid level pro in his right arm aswell. Back in last summer he was at a local swedish event and Michael Todd was struggling alot and had to resort to the Kings move against most of the competative heavyweights. Sure, he still won the event. But it looked ugly and with alot of close calls.

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Eric Woelfel was called the top left handed arm wrestler in the world in 1996:


Per the above post, Eric gave Devon Larratt a good fight in 2013 back when Devon was ranked #1 in the world left.

I don't know what kind of matches Woelfel had that day prior to Jeff Dabe beating him, but Jeff still beat him in the first video.

There was a video floating around a few years ago of Devon practice pulling left with Michael Todd lefty back when Devon was still the #1 left. From the video, they both looked closely matched.

Wagner has a monstrously strong left. I can see him #3 lefty behind Levan and Vitaly but that's a big unknown because he hasn't pulled many of the top Europeans left-handed.


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I guess we’re finally going to get a good gauge of the caliper of Wagner’s left. He’s facing Devon in a left handed match during 506.

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I expected Devon to win. But I didn’t expect him to be able to toy with Wagner. Devon even hit Wagner with ”Dad move” in the second round.

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