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First-time 45lber Hub Lift


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I'm away from home for work, so I went to a gym near my hotel.

They had chalk (a very nice change from my usual gym) and the plates had a decent hub... so I tried a bit of hub lifting for the first time.

Lifted a 45lb plate first try both hands... wasn't exactly easy, but it didn't seem hard enough... I'm actually kind of dissapointed. :unsure

So make me feel better and tell me that the plates I used were too easy... the brand was "world class barbell"... anyone know how these compare with york plates?

Also pinched 2x35lb plates for the first time - chalk sure makes a big difference :)

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i don't think what 45lber you did, you did it! which is a very hard task, maybe it felt easy because you can just do it easily.

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I just watched a couple of videos showing hub lifts... and the hub on these plates look about the same to what I lifted... maybe I can allow myself to be happy about the lifts :D

I also managed to clean a 35lb plate while hub pinching it... but I was too much of a pussy to try it with the 45lber... visions of hitting myself in the face with a plate :blush

Steve M makes it look so easy - like his fingers are glued to the hub.

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Went back today and tried to get 2 45lbers at once.... got it after a couple of tries and got a guy at the gym to take a photo... he musta thought I was an idiot :blush

Also managed a 45lber with 2 x 5lbs sitting on it, right handed only though.

Couldn't get 2 x 5s + a 2.5lbs

I can't stop smiling, so maybe I am an idiot :D

Going to have to mail order a couple of 45lbs with a decent hub on them when I get home to Sydney... going to cost a bit... obsessions are expensive...

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I have never seen a 45 plate that had a big enough hub for me to get a hold of. I know that old York plates are said to have a good size hub. Does anyone know of

any other brands of plates that are suitable?

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Might be one of those times when smaller hands aren't a disadvantage...

I reckon if you had long fingers the leverage could be much worse... smaller hands means relatively more finger on the hub?

The hub was about an inch deep on these plates, brand was "world class barbell".

Some old posts said that hampton plates also had a deep enough hub.

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How about Hampton Plates?? They tout themselves as the very first to

come out with wide flange plates....................

I had a bookmark source for Hamptons but can not find it at the moment :(

I know you can dig `em up OldGuy :D

ooops came in right after mcham's post lol

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I just trained with a buddy on Saturday who has tons of Hamptons. I did hub lift a 45 with both right and left. I'll get a pic of it next time I train with him. They do have a very generous hub to grab onto.


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