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Choosing Nails


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Hey guys, when choosing nails that match the ironmind bag o nails, do you use crs or hrs? Also what is an easy type of steel to use just to get the feel of bending and some high volume work to start with? I would like to buy something that is real easy that I can do all day long and work on technique(thanks bender!) For those that havent tried bending you have to give it a go, its as addicting as the grippers!

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When you say real easy,all relative to you buddy,i would just cut down some HRS to what you feal is moderately hard for yourself then keep bending that length all day long.OUCH!

Big Steve Bender53 says to buy a box of 16d,s bend em all,then a box of 20d,s bend em all,and so on,this is excellent advice,the bigger the box you buy the more value and FUN you will have.

I have been doing this as well as attempting hard bends every so often with good results,the other day i u-shaped a 6"x7mms carraige bolt unbraced,but like a fool i let ego take over and the next day tried another carraige bolt and injured myself,lookilly not to serious,i will have to back off for a week or 2 as i cannot even bend a 60d now without severe pain.

But enjoying the bending journey and i will be back to continue along the path of pain :D

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What Gazza Said.


Start with the 3/16" HRS at 6" to 5" sections until you are comfortable with bending. Next, I would suggest finding a Home Depot or Lowes, or Ace... or any hardware store that has "Timber Ties", the spiral landscapeing 60D's. They arn't a true 60D, and are the perfect 6" nails for training on. They're a bit easier than the Yellow Nail. Besides, a 30lb bucket lasts a looong time.

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The bending is certainly addictive. After watching Big Steve bend had to start myself. Thanks for sharing more tips on the subject guys. :rock

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Good advice has been offered and you might also want to get some 7" Aluminum Gutter Spikes, 1/4" carriage bolts (grade 2), and Pole Barn Nails (the 6" x 3/16" with concentric rings). I prefer the Pole Barn Nails that are not "oil quenched" since the Oil quenched ones tend to snap in two instead of just bending.

Happy Bending! :mosher

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you should just look for some 5" 1/4 spiral nails around the house must people have those there good to start with.

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How To Build A Poor Man's Bag O' Nails, Here is what you need.

You can go to almost any hardware store and get the material you need for around 10 bucks.

Sure beats paying (edited to save space) 55 bucks for the same thing.

White Nail = 6" by 3/16 CRS = 120 lbs to bend

Green Nail = 5" by 3/16 CRS = 160 lbs to bend

Yellow Nail = 7" by 1/4 CRS = 210 lbs to bend

Blue Nail = 6" by 1/4 CRS = 260 lbs to bend

Red Nail = 7" by 5/16 CRS = 383 lbs to bend

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