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The best one armed Hammer Strength curl?


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In the early 2000's when I was competing regularly, I was holding my own with nationally-ranked guys in my weight class and those in lighter classes. Then one day in MA, I was beaten in a hook by a newcomer from Maine who I never even heard of before. I was advised he was new to the sport and "in his first competition" (around 2001-2002), he gave Jerry Cadorette "a tough match".

I asked the newcomer how he worked out and he said he did one armed curls on the Hammer Strength Machine with 135. Upon further research, I noticed that the machine said you need to add four pounds to it so it is really 139.

I tried that machine around that time at another gym and could not even get one rep with the 139.

Now, fast forward to 2019: The gym where I was a member at for 20 years closed down. I started a new gym which actually has a Hammer Strength curl machine - two of them in fact!  I started training with one armed Hammer Strength curls for the first time ever in January 2019. I won't post progress here just yet but am curious what the most anyone has done in this exercise.

If you fast forward to the 6:30 mark below, Dave Chaffee does 194 x 6 with his right arm. Has he or anyone else done more? Is there an official or unofficial record which is better than below?


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In response to your original question, I’m unaware if a record (official or unofficial) is tracked anywhere.

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Here's the next strongest I can find on YouTube - 139 for reps.

He's a strong dude - a non-arm wrestler as far as a can tell - but by no means super human:



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So my gym of the past year is shutting down in a few days. I had one last attempt to use the Hammer Strength curl machine today. No other gym in my area has one and this gym had two.:)

I made some decent progress this year and will post today's clips shortly.

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