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Europa Armlifting Championships - Dallas TX

Clay Edgin

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Saturday & Sunday

June 8-9, 2019

Kay Hutchinson Convention Center

Dallas, TX


Join us on Saturday & Sunday for this Armlifting USA Sanctioning competition at the Europa 

Rankings, records, and leaderboard standings can be set at this contest.

Awards given to 1-3 in each weight class for each event. All standard Armlifting USA weight classes included (see drop down list in entry form for complete list)

Registration fee includes entry into Expo for both days. Entry form here: https://www.swolebiz.com/europa-armlifting-championships

Saturday: Demos, clinics, and workshops featuring TEAM USA All Stars Adam Glass, Tanner Merkle and Clay Edgin

Sunday: Competition

Competition Details

Doors to expo open at 10:00. Check in and weigh ins will take place from 10:00 to 10:30. Contest starts promptly at 11:00. All competitors must have current Armlifting USA membership 


1. Ironmind Rolling Thunder 
weight jumps increase by 2.5kg

2. Arm Assassin 2" Thumb Blaster
weight jumps increase by 5kg

3. Ironmind Little Big Horn
weight jumps increase by 2.5kg

4. Ironmind Silver Bullet Hold
one attempt for max time

5. Arm Assassin 3" Pinch Blocks Napalm Nightmare
weight jumps increase by 5kg

All lifts will be done in a rising bar format with unlimited attempts for the lifter. Lifters can start at any weight they like and then jump in at the predetermined weight jumps mentioned above. Lifter will get 30 seconds to complete the lift. If the lift is not complete within that time, the lifter is out of that event and will get credit for the previously completed good lift.

For the Silver Bullet hold, the athlete will get 30 seconds to get the gripper set in their hand in a legal grip and then their scoring time will begin. If the athlete chooses a gripper that is too hard to set, they can opt to go down to another gripper but that has to happen within that 30 second time period.

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It's too bad this is the same day as the NAGS championship in New York.  I was hoping to get to Tucson for the April comp, but my financial situation won't be right for that until right around the day of the comp, so I may not be able to sign up in time.  This one I am fairly sure I could make, but I'm already committed to NAGS.  I suppose you don't usually draw from the same crowd because of how far apart geographically, and at least this means I don't have to compete against Tanner because I am sure he will choose Dallas over New York, but I would totally be up for a trip to Texas to do this if I were available.  Maybe if you do it annually, next year won't have the same conflict.  Really would love to go.

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Coming up soon 👍👍👍

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Happening this weekend in DFW. Hit up Clay Edgin if you are joining in 

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Just got back from the expo. I’ll do a trip report tonight. Clay executed a great contest. Tanner Merkle ran away with a strong first place overall. Leaderboards will get a big shuffle after today. Contest PRs for me in 4 of 5 events. Fun venue, lots of friendly people checked us out and tried the Thomas Inch Dumbbell. 

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