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Wrap position?


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Hoping for some personal preferences here, or really any relevant comments.

I used to bend only im imps and would mark the bar center, 1.5", and 2" in from the ends with the wraps being somewhere in between. I could kink stuff and not finish it until like 5 sessions of mostly isometric work, very small movement each time. I took down some decent stuff that way, 140kg irongrip bar and .302x7 drill rod were probably the highlights.

Didn't bend for a while, got back into it and got some FBBC bender's battlefield wraps. Still nylon but thicker/stiffer, and I've been marking 1" and 1.5" from the ends, usually ending up somewhere in between. Got comfortable with 1/4×6 g8s and spiral red nails, but can't get the g8 in imps. I've put 5-10* in a few of them but lost my imp mojo apparently.

So, getting to the point: how far in do you put your imps? Mostly interested for 7" bars but again, will take any comments I can get. Thanks in advance.

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