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600lb DOH Deadlift (Cailer Woolam)

Stephen Ruby

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Cailer is probably the best deadlifter on the planet right now and he recently posted a video of a 600lb DOH deadlift (no hook grip). I'm curious what is the heaviest DOH deadlift you know of? As far as I have seen this is the highest DOH I have seen on video. 

Now I now Andrew Durniat did 550 thumbless a few years ago for a gripboard challenge. I'm pretty sure he could have done close to if not over 600lb DOH. 




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I think Terry Hollands said he had done 340kg. The most I have seen is 300kg, been a few strongman competitors I've seen do it.

Here's a couple recent do deadlifts from wsm guys..


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A couple of those lift were not really complete deadlifts as they did not lock it out at all.

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6 hours ago, Tommy J. said:

From what i can tell, say what you will, but this lift appears to be a heaviest DO barbell pull with no hook grip possibly ever. He’s the real deal. And a good dude too. Chopped it up with him a bit on youtube in recent weeks. I want to say ive also spotted an inch db type apparatus in a couple of his vids also, but cant recall. He’s aware of how rare this DO lift is, and the power of his grip. Would be interesting to see more reaching out to him. He’s in the Hot Springs Arkansas area.

Wow you may have discovered a grip phenom. I would be interested to see what he could do on a axle. A 700lb DOH deadlift is unreal. 

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15 minutes ago, Tommy J. said:

At the time i saw the vid, i thought i may have discovered him.. but looking in the comments i saw a couple board members post below the vid from over a year or two ago. I guess at some point it was posted on the board and i just missed it. But am subscribed to his channel since then. And that vid in particular has far more views than most of his other vids. So that feat in particular is definitely being noticed.


his channel on yt is “naturalstrengthduncan” for anyone looking to subscribe. That guy for real has some strong ass hands! I mostly enquired about arm wrestling when we spoke. Figured he’d be a killer on the table, and told him it was a sport he could make money in. He did seem interested, but not in making a pilgrimage to Texas to meet with guys he doesnt know to do something he’s never done. So since he’s in Hot Springs, i hooked him up with Michael Todd. Since he’s also in Hot Springs. I hope we end up seeing more out of him in grip and or arm wrestling.

He's the real deal.  Been following him for a couple years.  Serious freaking horsepower.

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