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The Link Between Da Vinci, Oldtime Strongmen, and Human Evolution - My Theory (Need Your Help!)


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Hi all, my name is Gonzalo (veganstrongman on IG), and I need your help! (seriously)

This message is to all you very strong guys (oldtime strongmen and steel benders), I have great news for you. I probably may have found out why myself, and all of you steel benders, are so strong. We may think that being that strong may be common, because we see others of us bending stuff, but from my experience in my country it isn't. At least bending above red nails, I was around 580-600 lbs when I stopped for 140-145 bodyweight.

And I think I found what could have provided us this type of strength.

I think I found the link between the above peak human performance strength, that several of you have, and some geniuses, specially Da Vinci (who bent also horseshoes with his hands, as you might already know), because both those gifts come from the same groups of genes (I think).

All of us, steel benders, and them, could have our gifts/traits given by certain genes which are easy to find out with simple tests, which can give people like Einstein lots of intelligence, and others lots of strength, and some as Da Vinci, both, and several other traits.

Some of the possible known physical traits of those genes are:
- Tolerance to pain (very good for steel bending);
- Sensitivity to light (having to use sun glasses);
- Hearing sensitivy, etc;

I have all, you can have none and still have the genes, but the pain tolerance tells you something about this, right? I think strength is another one.

Please watch the full video on YouTube to understand it better, or at least read its description in YouTube and the first comment, to understand it.

Check the full video in:
The Da Vinci Connection - What had OldTime Strongmen and Da Vinci in Common?

The tests are on the description also.

And I need, to prove my theory, that you answer me your results at least from the first test from psycentral, and tell me, you can answer me in private if you want, or in public like some have given on YouTube. My results range from 32 to 39 usually, and with them and other tests I've done, and certified by a real doctor, I'm sure I have those special traits. You don't need to confirm on a doctor, the online tests would be enough. I just want to know if strength is one of them. How?

Among the general population, only 1% of people have those genes, who may not necessarily have the strength trait, Einstein had intelligence, Da Vinci Intelligence and Strength, others, other traits, etc. Probably you, at least the strength trait.

But if I can find a statistical evidence among steel benders, like more than 1% of us (probably 10% 20% 30%) having those genes, then it is proven that our strength comes from them.

Even if you don't reach the threshold to be certain that you have the genes, you may have them, because the traits are given by several different genes, and you may have some genes that give you some traits, like strength, but not enough traits to be considered as having the genes for sure, and as such, having less values on your results, but probably having the genes anyway.

This is specially destined to people like me, that bend red nails in official conditions and are below 200lbs bodyweight (my bodyweight is 140lbs for 5'11'' tall 19/20 body mass index), but those who are heavier are welcome to answer also, specially those who bend big bars anyway like EJ, Juha, etc (yes I know the board for years but never felt the need to share something or ask questions). I went to IGW 190-200 then stopped (580-600lbs DO). Those who bend less than red nails are welcome also if they are maybe 170lbs or less, maybe.

The important thing is to test people we are sure to be stronger than usual, so it is important to test specially those who are above red nails, or else, very low bodyweight ones.

If we build a table with your bodyweight and height, the maximum poundage bent, and the results on the tests, we could do a great relation between body mass index and strength, some calculations, charts, comparisons, and the results associated to it, to see how much those results influenced your strength relation to bodyweight.

So all results are important, even if you don't reach the threshold to be sure you have those genes.

We may find something very important here. Those genes are even hereditary which may explain why some oldtime strongmen have also very strong kids.

At this moment I know that me and Da Vinci have those traits and bent steel. But this could be just a coincidence still. But if there are several of us, we would increase the odds of being correct.

I'm a self-taught polymath (specialize in several areas like Da Vinci did), mine are computer programming, systems administration / computers, trading, mechanical trading systems, painting, drawing, composing and playing music, etc. This easiness in learning things was given to me by those genes. And I think strength also.

Those of you who have lower values on the tests are welcome to answer also, because it's important to know how many of you have the traits and how many don't (or else we would only have 100% because only those who had would answer).

I can tell you that my friends on Facebook range from 9 (a very very very sociable friend), to 35, several had the traits, some more, others less like 14, 19, 15. But all persons have some traits, but only above a certain level we may be sure.

If you are not a big fan of parties, and prefer to stay at home focused on your hobbies than going out all the time, you are probably one of them like me.

I know that this may seem crazy, but if you hear what I say in the video, I think you'll see some reasoning there.

Check the full video and do the tests please! And you can answer me in the replies below or in private here (if it's possible here) or on IG.

I can try to make some charts and statistics so that we may reach a conclusion, and ask other steel benders on other places like on my IG.

But I'm almost sure I'm right because I know the behavior of several oldtime strongmen and they seem to have the traits like I do. And probably you also.

And if you think like I do that these things are a gift from God, don't ever think that finding a genetic origin would prove otherwise. If God would give you some gift of strength, it would need to be through your DNA anyway. So it's always possible to find through which genes.

As we don't have millions of dollars to have all our DNA sequenced, compared and studied to find those genes, it wouldn't be easy. But now that I probably found a link, we could have an easy way of testing that. Notice that not all persons with the genes would have the strength, it would be a rare gift anyway.

By the way, as most of you don't know me, I'm just someone that saw Stan Lee Super Humans in 2014 and inspired by Dennis Rogers, I noticed I could roll frying pans and stuff without training, 5'11'' tall 140lbs of bodyweight at the time. I was able to bend 60ds also well from the start with a bad DO. But I spent one year just for fun doing feats among friends and on the streets to make sure it was something real and that others wouldn't do that (that's why I have videos doing that on the streets challenging others in 2014). In 2015's Summer I started short steel bending seriously and in beginning of 2016 asked Ironmind to certify by email several times but at that time they didn't have someone to take care of that from what they told me so I didn't do it at the time. Since then I've evolved but never called them to certify again, but it doesn't matter, I stop bending some times and start again later, this time I stopped in the Summer of 2017, maybe I'll return later. I was bending IGW190-200 (probably 580-600 pound bars). I have been bending an average of 5/6 months per year. I'm not a person that gives much importance to prizes and certs, I just shared some videos on Instagram and nothing more. But I'll probably certify one day just to have some certification to show my grankids one day when I have them.

I've put some animation in the video so that it doesn't get too boring, this way you can distract yourself a little bit with some feats I did in the past while hearing me, there are somestuff cool there I think. But hear carefully because I think this is important. That video was taken from my compilation of videos filmed during the years in which I've bent (2014-2017) Vulgar Display of Vegan Power (yeah I'm vegan but I'm not here to convince you to be vegan don't worry I'm not here to start discussions or to be a troll).

My English is terrible, very rusty, I'm from Portugal, it is not my main language, sorry. But I think you'll understand.

But anyway, please take this request seriously, if you watch the video you'll find a connection too.

And don't get scared, because having these traits isn't anything bad, it is even considered as the next step of human evolution by several scientists, Silicon Valley is full of people with this traits earning lots of money, and even in the movie "The Predator" they have given importance to a small character with these traits as being the next step of human evolution. It is nothing bad, remember Einstein, Tesla, Mozart, Da Vinci, etc, all had them!

And you might learn lots of things about your life, and also find bigger connections to other steel benders here.

I'm not bending nowadays but I like steel bending like you do.

But please I know this is my first post, and it seems crazy, but take me seriously, I think there is a point in all of this! I guarantee you I'm not crazy. Just as crazy as any steel bender may be. 😜

Well, thanks, and wait for your answers.


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