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Climber 511s "Lists"


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For Josh Henze (and anyone else who cares)


My “lists”.  These have become fairly well known - I've even had a couple people come up to me at the Arnold and ask if I'm that "list" guy?  Here's the story about how it came to be.

Starting at age 56, (2005) I decided to make a list of goals to try to accomplish before I turned 60 years of age.  The boring name I choose was 60 by 60 but I ended up with a few extras and seem to add a few more all the time.  Right now, I have about 100 things on the current list (75 x 75) but it might grow, who knows?  Some of these I have done in the past, some I have never even tried the event before.  Some I’m sure will be fairly easy, some are already done, and some will just seem like a good idea when I see someone do it the first time.  Some of these I remember as childhood milestones – like 50 pushups and the first time I touched the rim at basketball.  Hopefully I have set up a list of events that will result in a fairly well rounded older strength and endurance athlete if accomplished.  And if not, the attempt should certainly prove interesting and challenging – and keep me out of mischief for a while.  I will no doubt adjust some of these upwards when accomplished and others will just be checked off and forgotten.  Others will no doubt be lowered as age takes its toll.  Others might well be the impossible dream – but a man needs those as well.  I’ll have proof for some things but this is being done just for me so I know if I’ve really done it or not and that’s all that matters for this.  It’s not supposed to be a bunch of max effort lifts – or PR performances – or a look what I have done kind of thing.  It’s there to keep me honest in my aging process – if I can continue to do such a broad range of physical components – I can feel that my training is doing what I desire from it.  The varied scope of the items is what I wanted – no one single aspect of my training is more important than another – balance is what I feel leads to aging well – my overriding goal.  I did the 60 by 60 list – then made up and did a 65 by 65 list - the 70 x 70 list and am now working on a 75 x 75 list at present.  I suppose there will be an 80 by 80 here in a few years.  Over time some  (many) of the items have gotten easier – some stayed the same and a few became harder.  I have to admit it’s a lot of fun checking things off. So go ahead - make your own list - check things off - have some fun with it.  The sucky part is you have to do more things as you get older - seems backwards to me.



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I love the idea of the lists you keep, Chris! You are a very inspiring man to a lot of us. I hope your 100x100 list is also in the cards for you. 

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Thank you, Mr. Rice.

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Thanks for sharing Chris! Are the lists available to view somewhere?

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6 minutes ago, Andrew Dube said:


Thanks for sharing Chris! Are the lists available to view somewhere?

70 x 70
50 bodyweight pushups
50 sit ups in 1 minute -
VJ of 24"
14 BW Chin ups
Chin up with 32K
Chin up with 100#
Hanging L -sit leg spreads 100 reps
Standing Long Jump of 7'
Bar Jump over top position (41")
Box Jump onto a 42" box
Head stand Pushup - feet on wall
Dragon Flag x 5 on bench
Hold breath for 1 minute
Jog my hill route non stop
Ab Wheel Roll out - feet and hands 
Ab Wheel Roll Out - knees x 50
Ab Wheel Roll Out - knees x 100
Full Back Lever
Full Front Lever
Straddle L Sit
20 Second Handstand 
Trampoline - 10 minutes on toes
Sissy Squat Machine x 25 reps
G/H Raises - BW x 25
G/H Raises - Mini Band x 10
G/H Raises - Monster Mini Band x 10
G/H Raises - Light Band x 10
G/H Sit Ups - BW x 40
G/H Sit Ups - One Mini Band x 15
G/H Sit Ups - One Light Band x 10
Reverse Bend a Grade 5
Braced Bend a 6" Wrench
Euro Hold for time - 85K x 20 secs
Euro BW for reps - goal is 10
Scale Weight Lift 55#each
Saxon Bar DL - 205#
Climber Pinch 2 Hand - 200#
Climber Pinch 1 Hand - 90# @ 2"
Lever a 16# sledge L&R
Lever a 20# sledge L&R
Slim Lever a 12# sledge L&R
Double Slim Lever a pair of 14# sledge
9.25# Rotational Sledge both ways L&R
Sledge Choke - 16"
Sledge Finger Walk - 16# L&R
Nail thru a board - 1.5"
DL 45# Blob L&R
DL 2-45s - L&R
DL 2-35s L&R
DL 3-25s L&R
DL 5-10s - L&R
DL 5 - 5Kilo Plates L&R
DL 6-10s with a bar - L&R
Close COC #2.5 Left & Right TNS
Wrist Curl 175#
Tear a phonebook - 800 pages or so
Plate curl 35# - not wrist curl
Wrist Curl 35# Plate
Climb a 5.11 on top rope
Lead 5.10 Sport
Follow 5.9 Seneca Trad
Lead 5.8 Seneca Trad (Lichen or Leave it ?)
Do 1 to 5 on Campus Board L&R
Do 1 - 4 - 7 on Campus Board
Campus Board - Medium Rungs - ladder to top
Metolius Hangboard - 100# on large holds for 10 seconds
Rock Prodigy smallest hold - BW for 10 seconds
Concept II Rower - 500 meters - Top 50
Concept II Rower - 1000 meters - top 100
Concept II Rower - 2000 meters in 7:45
Bike Trainer - 10:00 @ 20 mph
Over head push press 160#
Trap Bar DL - 400#
BP 60# Dumbbells x 20
Olympic Total of 135K (Masters Worlds Number
Front Squat 110K
Overhead Squat 70K
100 100s Squats
Bearhug Carry 125# Stone around house
Bearhug Carry 125# Stone around house twice
Hip Thrust of 200 #
Rack Pull 600# - #10 - Stop here - could do more
1/4 Squat 600# - Stop here - could do more
Hip Belt lift of 800#
Curl 135# EZ Curl Bar
DB Curl 65# DB
Farmers Walk 100# each hand for 300'
Overhead Carry - 32K KB around house - 70 yards
Discus - 1K x 80'
12# Shot x 32'
11# Shot x 34'
100 meters x 16 seconds
Long Jump x 13'
High Jump x 4' 
32K kettlebell - bottoms up press
One hand snatch 36K KB
One hand C&J 36K KB
Bent Press 36K KB
Turkish Get Up - 32K KB L&R
Snatch 16K KB x 150 in 10 min - 1 switch
Snatch 32K KB x 15 L&R
Double Jerk - 16K x 40
Long Cycle - 16K x 40
One Arm Jerk 32K x 
One Arm Clean 32K x 
One Arm Jerk - 4 minutes
One Arm Clean - 4 minutes
Body Weight under 200#

Resting heart rate around 50

I had lowered quite a few of these for this list - earlier ones were harder - I'm afraid some of these are still more than I can manage but what the  heck

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