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Pronation and non pullers


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So something I’ve noticed and I’m curious what advanced pullers think. When I added in pronation work a couple times a week for a while it seems like the gap against non pullers widened considerably. Is this the one muscle that pullers are WAY ahead of non pullers because you don’t really target it with conventional weights? It seems like if you just want to arm wrestle causually or every once in a while some rotation/pronation work with a towel or strap can give you a big advantage. I was typically doing 3 or so sets 2xwk with a belt or towel for 10-15 reps nothing crazy and adding weight when I could. Thoughts?

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I've noticed the same thing. But be careful with it, you're doing it right, 15-30 reps, just a lot of volume work. Very intense pronation-supination work hurt my wrist and it's hurting for 2 and a half years now. But I'm not even an amateur armwrestler, so take my words with a grain of salt.


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