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Secret weapon


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The distance between the long and short bar on the secret weapon will differ from one to the next.  The distance won’t be the same for all.  The distance for some will be as wide as 2.5 inches whereas for others it will be around 1.5 inches.  Below is a link for a picture I found of the distance between the two bars on a secret weapon.  Although no measurement is given, you could guesstimate what the distance may be in inches.  I hope this helps.



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The bottom of the hole of the top handle hole is 3/4 inch above the top edge of the bottom handle hole.  So, 3/4 inch space between the two holes. Also the top handle is set 2 degrees past perpendicular. (The top handle should be set at 92 degrees toward the bottom handle)

These are the measurements Joe Kinney used.....

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Here is a video of one that I just made...Let me know if you need any measurements because I literally eye balled it an then tested it. I had to fill weld my holes the first time and redrill them about a 1/2" away because it was too high in the first. 

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