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Strength And Speed

Bill Piche

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Since Oldtimer is Dale Harder, I wonder Dale if you can share with us how the closing of a #4 is documented in your book?

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Tom to buy a copy of "Strength and Speed" you may order it from:

Education Plus, 18584 Carlwyn Dr., Castro Valley CA 94546-2032. It's 356 pages including photos and drawings. The price is $29.95 plus $4 shipping & handling. If you'll send me your email address I'll scan a blurb to you.

Dale :yikes

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Dale's book is done on a "points" system, the more difficult a certain feat is the more impressive it is, and the more points it is given on the scale.

The scale is based on all sorts of data given like: age of person, bodyweight of person, sex (M or F), # of people who have done the feat, difficulty of the feat itself, etc.

For example: in Dale's book, Kinney's feat of closing the #4 gripper rates in at 900 points. Mac Batchelor's one-handed pinch grip lift of 163 pounds comes in at 920 points. Elizabeth Talbot's closing of the #2 gripper rates in at 707 points. Joe Kinney's son, at age 12, closing the #1 gripper rates in at 814 points.

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Thanks for the plug. However, those things come from another book of mine called "Sports Comparisons...You Can Compare Apple to Oranges". I'm sold out of that one--perhaps Iron Mind has some copies left. My "Strength and Speed" book is about records by bodyweight, age, and even height. Also record progressions. It's kind of like a Guinness Book except it's focused only on strength and speed records--weightlifting, grip, powerlifting, highland games, strongman, track & field (especially the throws), pullups, etc. and interesting details about many of the performers their age, height, weight, and stories about them. Re: Bill's request to document Kinney--I believe he should ask Randy Strossen to provide details of that one. Congratulations to Nathan Holle--it sounds like this one is going to be thoroughly documented. I guess the referee would have been David Webster. Glad you have my comparisons book. All the best.

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IMHO.... you would get additional points for your age of course, being as young as you are and being a certified COC. Points wise: probably up there with Elizabeth Talbots feat of closing the #2.

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