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Another Gripmas Present


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With Gripmas destined to be one of the most epic gatherings of grip sport competitors and enthusiasts in the country what more could one ask for. You get a tshirt, 2 catered meals, a NAGS contest, opportunities to try out and test your grip on a seemingly endless number of implements, possibilities to set prs and get your name on leaderboards, a gargantuan medly and last but certainly not least the opportunity to mingle with a virtual who's who in the grip community.

With all this awesomeness you may be thinking to yourself, Wow that's a lot going on, could Gripmas get any more astronomical? The answer to that my friends is, absolutely.

In conjunction with @climber511 I present to you fine competitors a 3 event Armlifting USA sanctioned contest. Events included are Silver Bullet hold, Apollon's Axle and Rolling Thunder.

These are the same 3 events that Armlifting USA will use to determine the top 3 competitors in each weight class to go to World's in Russia this coming spring. This will be one of the last chances to qualify before Dec 31st. 

The Armlifting portion will run with the NAGS contest. You can choose to do both contests or one or the other. Since this has been a NAGS event from the beginning those events in the contest will take priority. The Apollon's Axle portion will count for both contests. Also, in the spirit of giving, there is no additional charge.

Chris and I love grip sport and are hoping that we can begin to bring the 2 federations a little closer together.

Thanks everyone and can't wait to see you all Saturday.

Mike Saffell 

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I realise there is a rift between the two organizations but when Mike asked me about holding Armlifting at Gripmas I thought it might serve as a beginning of a reconciliation.  Please enjoy the addition of one more possibility to perform at The Last Gripmas Carol try it all event.  

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