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For all Masters Lifters at Gripmas


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This is what you must lift as a Masters Lifter in order for it to be a World Record under NAGS rules.  I am assuming this will carry over to the new organization.

Masters Age Groups  
50-59 10% off existing weight class WR
60-69 15% off existing weight class WR
70-79 25% off existing weight class WR
80+ 40% off existing WR
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This would not make you the Open Class WR holder.  It will make you the Masters 50 to 59 class etc World Record holder in the appropriate weight class.  We have

Overall WR holder - this can be a lifter from any wt class

Weight Class WR holder.

Masters WR holder by wt class and age group

You can also be just a plain Record holder in the Masters age group and wt class.  For example nearly ever lift I will do at Gripmas will be a Master 70 to 79 "Record" simply because there are currently no results in the class.  But for me to set a Masters 70 to 79 WR I will have to be within the chart above.  So If the open class 93K WR is 100# for example I will have be take 25% off that number and then beat that to set a Masters WR.

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10 minutes ago, WestSlope said:

I see. It's meant as a minimum threshold for the WR title at that age group. Thanks for the clarification. I'm a little embarrassed that I had to ask now.

LOL  Better to be sure.

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