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Macgyver bull ring extensor lift


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I am trying to make a 4” highland ring that I use for Dinnie Stone lifts into an extensor bullring lift. I made this with some chains, but I was wondering if you could think of a more elegant solution... or at least one that doesn’t take ten minutes and three tries to make.
I talked with @ArmAssassinStrengthShop and they recommended I use rope. From that I was thinking parachute cord (or a shoelace) with a Prusik type knot on one side of the ring and a clove hitch type knot on the other side and just attach a carabiner to the center and let it hang. That way, ideally, the rig wouldn't shift very much side to side during the lift. The other issue is that the U bolt I use when I normally attach the ring to a loading pin doesn't come off very easily, so I may end up attaching the rope to that instead. A rock climbing quickdraw might work, but then it would shift off center (and I left my climbing gear in California when I moved to Maine).

Anyone have any thoughts on how to do this better?



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