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Is it Worth it to Get Heavy Grips Rated?


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Not really to me. What it would cost to get them rated and shipping, etc would be better spent getting decent quality ones already rated.

- Aaron

Edit: Then File the HG's for BTR

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You already mentioned one of the biggest concerns... they tend to lose more strength than other grippers.  In my experience that happens almost instantly.  Like, literally the FIRST time the gripper is closed it never fully opens again.  But then I have found them to maintain that new, lower level just fine.  They don't keep losing strength quickly in other words.  

As part of the rating process, CPW puts at least 30 reps on the gripper.  This should take care of the initial loss and you can hope for a rating to hold for a longer time.  

I think HGs got kind of a bad rap.  They are workhorses that are inexpensive so you don't feel bad about abusing them.  Like Acorn said, file them and never look back.  Along those lines, I'm not usually going to get my HGs rated.  I would do a TON of training on them, but then rate my goal grippers.  

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I would only buy them to abuse like using thumbscrews on them or filing etc as already mentioned. I would rather spend my money on higher quality brands.

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I'm not sure about your collection but, when I got my 2 HG's rated, I sent mine to Cannon along with a lot of other unrated, different brand grippers. Sending in just 1 or 2 HG's by themselves doesn't seem worth it. 

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