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2018 October - King Kong - Iisalmi Venue - Mywor


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This is was 6/7 grip competition this year, and now my focus changes on Rolling Thunder and Silver Bullet for the next 5 months for Arnold Classic. I've been working on my hub lifts a lot and it really showed on Moontop and the Flask. Hopefully I can get my Rolling Thunder to ~115-120kg before the Arnold. 

Iisalmi Venue had 12 lifters, and was run very well by Jouni Mähönen. All the lifters were like family there and atmosphere was great and everyone had a great time. 


Last year my best lift 42kg.. This year I started at 45kg. Which was a bit low I think. But I didn't have the chance to train with the Flask. I took 47.5kg as my second attempt using my weaker hand to save the energy for the last lifts. My third attempt was 49.3kg, but for some reason I could not get the grip on the device at all. I didn't have that much time to recover for the last attempt, but this time I got it up easily with a bit different technique. 

Jouni Mähönen and Henri Sonninen lifted 50.x, but took a huge jump to 53kg and failed barely. Great start for me, but there is always room for improvement Hopefully I can prove my self next year on narrow pinch. 


My best lift last year 87.xx, and my goal this year was +90kg. 90kg should have been easy since four weeks ago I did time holds with that weight. I ended up hitting only 86kg and failing 88kg. This was definitely a let down, and I truly wanted to prove my self on this event. Without the friends at the venue I think I would have just felt sorry for my self for the rest of the contest. 


Moontop, time to shine.

I had done 27.35kg(+60lbs) in training four weeks ago, so I knew I would do well. I started at 24.5kg (54lbs) and I have to say I was worried at first, because it was over 1kg higher than Jounis last attempt (who is great at this type of stuff). It came up easily and I took a one kg jump to 25.5kg. Easy weight again. Next stop was 26.08kg which came up with a struggle trying to find the right finger position. My last attempt was 26.68kg (58.8lbs) which didn't all the way up. Overall I was very happy on my performance with the Moontop. 

Very good Moontop performance at Iisalmi venue overall. 


Finished with my starting weight 104kg, and I was not happy at all. Took a big jump to 114kg and failed three times. I had done 122kg before with Jouni's Jug before and 120kg multiple times with my own replica Jug. Felt really really mad at my self, since it came as a total surprise I could not lift the 114kg. 


I have to say Iisalmi had great competitors with Anu finishing second at - 74 women class and Henri  + Tuomo taking first and second at - 74 men's class. 

Looking back at the contest I did better than last year and it's all that matters. I still ended up second in +120kg class and 8th overall. I'll be better next year and years to come. I'm only 26 year old and still improving. 

Sorry for making excuses. Everyone who beat me was better and stronger. Only thing that matters is how you do THE day of the contest.

If you have any questions about Iisalmi Venue let me know


Full video of Iisalmi venue


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