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Guest woody36

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Guest woody36


      I was looking at John Patrick Sullivan

  (The Strongman Juggler) and wandered if you had/or

given thought to juggeling with bowling/cannon balls.

 He seems to have phenomenal hand/wrist strength

 and it would combine two of your interests.


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    Funny you should mention this Woody, it’s going in the log this week.  I’ve had one 8-pound shot put for years, but they are so expensive just to buy for juggling.  Last week I got the bright idea to fill 3 plastic balls with pennies.  They are 3.5” in diameter and weigh about 4-pounds each.  I juggled the 3 of them and then 2 plus the 8-pound shot put no problem, and it will be in the log that I will post today (or tomorrow, I’m very busy).  As far as the bowling balls, my hands are small for that.  I’ve noticed from my juggling books that guys who do bowling balls all look tall with long fingers.  I think that you can buy a bowling ball as small as 8-pounds, so the weight is not a big issue.  Sullivan does some crazy weight on this, maybe 35 pounds per ball!  The iron balls are still smaller than bowling balls.  I could calculate it based on my 8-pound ball, but I would guess maybe only 5.5” in diameter to get a 35-pound ball.

    If there are jugglers out there I took a hard plastic kid's softball and cut a slit in it a little bigger than a penny.  Once filled, the pennies inside don’t come out.  I guess a little glue would ensure that, but it does not appear necessary.

    Juggling these really works the forearms after a 100 catches or so.  I may try to find a 4.5” ball in the toy store this week, I’d love to do three 8-pound or 10-pound balls.

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Guest woody36


       Thanks for the reply look forward to this weeks

 BlackLog, i think i'll leave the juggling to you and

  MR Sullivan  i have two left hands.

     all the best  Woody.

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