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Newbie With Questions...


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Like the board a lot. Thanks.

Can someone point to a place where I can learn about nail and/or bar bending techniques & etc.?

Currently my thumbs are pathetic but, working with a blob to try and cure that. 25lb blob currnetly and more for endurance before I get into strength work.

Any advice on how to get stronger in levering? Negatives, set schemes or anything that seemed to work for you would be great.

What I can do:

Easily leverage a 3.5 lb axe, finger walk 10lb sledge hammer, close #2 either hand 2-3 reps (used to be 4-5 reps either hand).

Current Goals:

lever a 10lb sledge hammer

pinch grip 2-35's

bend nails???

Not impressive but, grip training is cool.

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Guest gripmaster316

I think pinching 2 35's is impressive. There are a few guys you can talk to. Tom Black is great. Bender and Bender53 would also have lots of info on how to bend. What are you looking to bend. 60 penny??

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Welcome. Bender has a webpage with instructions on his methods. I don't know how to link. Look him up in the members, the link is in his signature. "How to Bend Nails"

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Click below for some nail bending info. Tom Black and Tery Duty also have some great info on bending. Welcome to the board. :rock

For levering, I find a position on the hammer that I can lever for a set of 5 and put a tick mark there. Then, add an inch and keep going for sets of 5. I keep going until I can't make the set, but now have a good reference for the next training session. I keep the reps at 5 because the muscles used in levering, to me, don't seem to get as stimulated as much during singles. Singles seem to rely on tendon strength and the ability to lock off a joint and use the whole body. Still, do singles often, they help greatly too.

Negatives would work too. I don't specificaly do them, but on the last rep you'll be forced to do one killer negative. :D

For bending info, you can also check out John Brookfields "The Grip Masters Manual". There's a quality section on nail bending.

For some motivation on bending, check out "The Mighty Atom: The spiritual journey of Joseph L.Greenstein". If that doesn't motivate you to bend some steel, nothing will.

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