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Braced spike bending - sweep technique

Tom Flesher

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Hey, guys! I’ve been playing with some light stock in the 12” range, mostly timber spikes but some 3/8” and 1/2” A36 HRS as well. I’m having some issues sweeping. When I do longer bars, I generally kink to about 30 degrees on my leg or knee and then sweep by bracing one end against my inner thigh and pulling the other end around my waist.

For the shorter stock I’ve found a technique that works for me but I’m not totally sure it’s kosher. I find the bar is usually just a little too wide to comfortably leg crush at 30 degrees but it’s difficult to kink further. I’m too big to use the same sweep I use on longer bars. Rather than going straight to a leg crush, I brace each end behind one hamstring. I then grab the spike with one hand on each side of the kinked bar and leg crush while pulling out on the bar. Usually I can get it far enough that way that the leg crush is a cinch.

If necessary, I can post a video. I’m not sure how clear that description is.

Anything problematic here? Bonus question: How do other bigger guys sweep spikes?

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Your technique is acceptable. I have seen people do it. I have never done it myself. With spike bends I just kink on my leg then go to crush between my legs.

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Thanks, guys. I think the issue is probably that I'm still relatively weaker on the kink with the short stuff!

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